Buy tickets for D1NZ Round 1 - ASB Baypark Stadium Tauranga - The Summer Smoke Out

Tickets to all D1NZ Events are available online. Book your tickets early to secure your entry at high-profile events, you can also save money by printing them out at home or bring them on your Mobile or Smart Phone. Full ticket pricing is available on each Event Page via our Events Calendar or on each event page.



We get alot of FAQ's sent in leading up to our major events - here's what you need to know ahead of most D1NZ weekends!

Do kids under 7 need to pay to get in?

Kids under 7 are free for both the Grandstands and event areas - Kids under 15 are now only $10.00
(Please refer to Itickets website for all details)

Do I need to pay for parking?

Yes at most D1NZ events $10.00 will be required to park within the venue.

Are there Gate sales at D1NZ Events?
All D1NZ events have Gate sales, however to avoid disappointment by missing out on a particular viewing area it is best to book early for VIP, Pit passes etc.

Do you have a Map of the event?
Event Maps are available for download via our Website & Facebook Event Pages.

Do you have a schedule of the event?
Yes, you can download the Official Schedule via our Website & Facebook Event Pages. We suggest downloading it to your Mobile for the weekend.

Are there Hot-Laps available at D1NZ?
D1NZ is no-longer pursuing Hot-Lap Sales, however many Teams & Sponsors have Hot-Laps, Give-Aways and Competitions available. Hot-Lap prize experiences do feature as part of our event promotions on the web, radio and TV.

Can I bring Food / Drink into the Venue?
Like many other high-profile sporting events it is generally accepted that commericial food is not allowed into the venue(s). D1NZ aims to provide the best family atmosphere where possible and will always notify if different Food Regulations are available for each venue we visit, such as Pukekohe Park Raceway where bottled fizzy drinks and light lunches may be brought in.

D1NZ works with all spectators and VIP Customers where possible; if dietary or medical necessities are required please send us a message via our Contact Page and we'll sort you out.

Is there covered seating?
This is venue dependent, Baypark Round 1 yes there is, alongside tracks like Pukekohe. Bars are only accessible via the Main paid Grandstand however for the Grand Final.Manfeild does not have covered seating but does have seating banks.  

We notify spectators where covered seating is available through our Website & Facebook Event Pages. You are welcome to bring chairs, sun-shades, eazy-ups and umbrellas to most D1NZ Events, we do ask that you respect the other race-fans around you and not obstruct viewing.

Are pit passes for sale on the day?
Yes, you can buy pit passes at the merchandise trailer if they are not sold out prior.
These will also be around the venue on the day.

How do I register my Car for the Hard Park?

 You can register by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - There may be extra costs associated with having your ride on display.

Is it Family Friendly, can i bring the kids?
Kids love the excitement of drifting and we have plenty of families attending our events year on year. 

Is there a Live-Stream?
Yes D1NZ streams all its events LIVE, full details available at
(New Zealand Geo-Blocking may be used in select regions)