The Demon Energy D1NZ Pro-Championship is the premier production-car drifting category in New Zealand, featuring spectacular fields of high-horsepower drift 'monsters' competing for the most prestigious prize in Australasian Drifting; the D1NZ Championship Title.

Since the birth of competitive drifting in New Zealand back in 2003, only 9 drivers have held the iconic Pro-Championship trophy and the respect that follows suit. Over the last decade many of New Zealand's top drivers have represented the country with success in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, The USA, China & Europe.

The Pro-Class follows the base regulations set out by Schedule DR under Motorsport New Zealand, the FIA appointed Governing Body of Motorsport in New Zealand. D1NZ Pro-Class category regulations then follow suit, which includes modification restrictions of the production car chassis, strict suspension relocation and modification regulations, and a 265mm Maximum Control Tyre Width.

The D1NZ series allows free engine modifications and power plant swaps which has spawned the rise of competitive 'Tribal Warfare' between the Turbocharged Sixes & the mighty V8s. Within the Control Tyre Width teams have free choice over Wheel & Tyre size combos, with nearly all teams competing on a Semi-Slick compound which has developed some of the fastest and most exciting Drift-Cars in Australasia.

The Category has traditionally formed a 5-Round national competition with a mixture of tight & technical courses and faster, full throttle race circuits. In 2018 the Pro-Championship tour includes Wellington's Max Motors Speedway, ASB Baypark in Tauranga, Manfeild Circuit Chris Amon, Timaru International Raceway and Pukekohe Park Raceway (The worlds fastest competition drift circuit).

Since 2011 the category has utilised a 2-pass shootout system in Qualifying, with a grid forming a Top32 Seeded Battle Tree. The 2018 Series will be competed under a Top 24 Seeded Battle Format, alongside a raft of new changes under a new MSNZ Schedule D1NZ.

The 2015/16 Season saw the introduction of Nitrous Oxide (NOS / N02) Systems for the first time, adding to the already explosive on-track competition.

The series has had phenomenal development over the last decade, with many teams fielding multi-car campaigns with vehicles producing between 400-1000+ horsepower and attracting huge crowds who enjoy the wide variety of manufacturers, models, engines and driving talent that D1NZ has to offer.

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D1NZ Pro-Championship History:

2003 - Jairus Wharerau - Driftcorp - Nissan Cefiro A31 [Turbo]

2004 - Justin Rood - Driftcorp - Nissan Cefiro A31 [Turbo]

2005 - Adam Richards  - WSR - Nissan Cefiro A31 [Turbo]

2006 - Daniel Woolhouse - Dunlop Direzza (Driftcorp) - Nissan Silvia S15 [Turbo]

2007 - Carl Ruiterman - E&H Motors - Nissan Silvia S14 [Turbo]

2008 - Gaz Whiter - Toyo Tyres (Driftcorp) - Nissan Silvia S14 [Turbo]

2009/10 - Gaz Whiter - Big Ben Pies (Driftcorp) - Nissan Silvia S14 [Turbo]

2010/11 - Gaz Whiter - Big Ben Pies (Driftcorp) - Nissan Silvia S14 [Turbo]

2011/12 - Curt Whittaker - Whittaker Motorsport - Nissan Skyline R34 [Turbo]

2012/13 - Daniel Woolhouse - FDC Castrol Edge (Driftcorp) - Holden Commodore VZ [V8]

2013/14 - Gaz Whiter - Tectaloy Coolants (Driftcorp) - Nissan Silvia S14 [V8]

2014/15 - Darren Kelly - HiTec Oils Australia - Nissan Skyline R34 [Turbo]

2016 - Curt Whittaker - Autosure Insurance - Nissan Skyline R34 [V8]

2017 - Cole Armstrong - V Energy Drinks - Nissan Skyline 250GT [Turbo]