Whangarei outfit Team 13 dominate D1NZ Pro-Sport Series

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A breakthrough win for Scotty Dinsdale and second for Liam Burke cemented a top two lockout for Team 13 at the latest round of the D1NZ Pro-Sport Series.
Held at Manfeild Circuit Chris Amon in Feilding, Dinsdale finally managed to get one up on his teammate Burke.
Burke currently leads the Pro-Sport Series division of the Link ECU D1NZ National Drifting Championship on 360 points. So far this year he hasn’t finished outside the top two positions.
The team, which is named after the fact that they both drive Nissan Silvia S13s, sit first and third in the points standings.
The win for Dinsdale is a solid return to form after an average start to the year, which saw him crash at Tauranga. The subsequent rebuild saw the car receive a completely new look.
“It’s been a pretty rough start to the season so it’s good to have the car back looking fresh, to make it on the top spot for my first podium is just the best,” Dinsdale said.
“We haven’t really had anything the same for any of the rounds, so we’re adjusting every time we drive it. I can’t wait to send it at Pukekohe.”
Dinsdale said he’s struggled in the past to get into the right mindset, but at Manfeild he finally managed to overcome his mental block.
“The nerves get to me sometime so I just pretend I’m at a track day because without any nerves I know how to drive the car.
“I had to just to push it to the limits because that’s what you’ve got to do to be at the top. It’s good to finally be here.”
Burke and Dinsdale qualified third and fourth respectively, which ensured they’d be on opposite sides of the battle tree. Burke fought Jared Coombes and went to a One-More-Time in their initial battle.
Coombes managed to maintain proximity with Burke in their top-16 battle, but that came at the cost of angle. The judges decided Coombes ran too shallow and Burke got given the advantage. Burke played it safe in his chase and duly got given the pass into the top-eight.
Dinsdale loaned his car to John O’Gorman for the top-16 competition following a mechanical failure for the Falken Tyres-backed drifter.
O’Gorman ran super close with Burke in the chase, but Burke managed to get even closer and matched his line nearly perfectly. Despite being such a close battle, Burke got given the go ahead.
Burke went on to face Simon Lee in the top-four. Lee was shallow on entry and switched too late and was out of the designated zone to do so. The V8-powered Nissan 300ZX couldn’t maintain proximity and missed matching the line of Burke.
Burke and Lee fought hard, but the difference in their battle came down to an inside wheel drop by Burke on the chase, which was enough to force the battle to an OMT. Burke ultimately won the second run.
On the other side of the tree Dinsdale proceeded through to the top-four after Michael Thorley spun at the hairpin in their top-eight battle. He then defeated Central Drift Team driver Taylor James, who made a mistake exiting the hairpin.
The finals pipped Burke against teammate Dinsdale and James against Lee. James went on to beat Lee in their third place playoff.
In the battle of the Team 13 drifters, Burke looked to have the initial advantage after Dinsdale dropped a wheel off at turn three. However, Burke made a big blunder through the transition and straight lined. He dropped back and Dinsdale was duly given the win.
Dinsdale said he was fortunate to get away with the win after he encountered mechanical troubles late in the piece.
“We both know how we drive and I knew Liam would be super aggressive. With that clutch slipping I was nervous, but I knew I had to be on his door the whole time. I felt like on my lead run I threw down one of the best runs of the day.
“I still saw Liam right in my mirror, but he must’ve got lost in the smoke or stage fright up against the teammate. It’s definitely good to get one over him.”
The Link ECU D1NZ National Drifting Championship Pro-Sport Series concludes at Auckland’s Pukekohe Park where Liam Burke will look to win the title. For more information visit or

Link ECU D1NZ Pro-Sport Series round four, top 10:  
1. Scotty Dinsdale
2. Liam Burke
3. Taylor James
4. Simon Lee
5. Jared Andersen
6. Michael Thorley
7. Ra Heyder
8. John O'Gorman
9. Callum Neeson
10. Ben White 

Team DSR does the double as Adam Davies gets first D1NZ win

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Team DSR have gone back-to-back in the Link ECU D1NZ National Drifting Championship after Adam Davies took victory at Manfeild Circuit Chris Amon.
Feilding hosted the penultimate round of the D1NZ Pro Series where the rotary-powered Nissan pilot made it the second straight win for the team. Stablemate Dave Steedman took victory at the venue last year to notch up his first win in the series.
It’s the first time Davies has won a round of D1NZ having only ever podiumed at his home round in Tauranga last year.
“It’s pretty cool and it’s a huge win for me because not many people run a rotary so it’s a big win in that respect,” Davies said.
“It’s a big one for the team too. They put in a lot of effort along with friends and family. It’s a big achievement for us and it’s really boosted the morale of the team.
“Everyone’s driving was just phenomenal. Every battle you had to step your game up each time. I had to try everything I could.”
There was drama in the top-16 when V Energy-backed drifter Cole Armstrong took to the grass on his chase against Dave Steedman. The pair both made big mistakes in the second run, but the judges decided unanimously that Steedman would go through.
Australian Matty Hill looked like he might be out of the competition early after contact with Smartcookie8 drifter Gaz Whiter in their top-16 battle. A messy run by the 4.Mance Automotive driver seemed to give the advantage to Whiter.
However, Hill got a reprieve in the second run when Whiter tapped the side of the Australian’s car and sent him into a spin. That gave Hill a 10-zero advantage and the win.
The level of proximity was so high that many of the drifters were making contact with one another.
Hill kept getting caught up in the drama, this time against top-eight rival Darren Kelly. Through turn two he slowed and Kelly slammed into the side of the leading Silvia. The incident was attributed to Hill and Kelly was duly given the win through to the top-four.
Andrew Redward was aggressive on his chase and stuck with the bumper of Drew Donovan’s car in the top-eight. Redward stretched his legs on the lead and won the battle. The judges ruled there were an equal numbers of mistakes on line, but Redward had the speed and proximity to leg it.
Jaron Olivecrona’s strong run through to the top eight saw him go up against Tom Marshall. A unanimous decision by the judges saw Olivecrona go through to the top-four by narrowest of margins.
Redward went up against Adam Davies in a rotary versus V8 dogfight in the first semi-final. Redward dived on the switch and went deep into turn two, but managed to maintain proximity.
Davies chased hard in the final and Redward dropped a wheel off at the final corner. He was awarded the win on a better line and chase.
After his best performance to date, Jaron Olivecrona made it through to the top-four but went wide at turn two and off into the grass. Darren Kelly took a 10-zero advantage into the second half of the battle and the win.
The finals stacked Davies and Kelly for first and second, while Redward and Olivecrona battled for third. Olivecrona narrowly missed out on taking the final podium position, but recorded his best career result.
In the final of Davies versus Kelly, the Nissan-backed drifter made two fundamental mistakes. First he corrected at the second turn, which upset his run through the rest of the circuit. Then on approach to the hairpin, Kelly dived too deep and hit the back of Davies.
The contact subsequently sent both cars into a half spin and Kelly was deemed to be at fault, which gave Davies the win.
The Link ECU D1NZ National Drifting Championship moves to Auckland’s Pukekohe Park for the final title decider over May 12-13. Darren Kelly currently leads the championship with one round to go.
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Drama strikes D1NZ championship chase, Andersen gets pole position

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The D1NZ Pro-Sport Series standings are set for a shakeup following a dramatic exit by one of the championship contenders.


While Waikpukurau drifter Jared Andersen took pole position, Jordy Cole bombed out of competition after he recorded back-to-back scores of zero.


Cole came into his second run needing to get a score on the board. He got through the first sector of the circuit safely and looked to have a strong run on the table, but drama struck with an almost identical finish to his first run.


He exited the final corner and the car ground to a halt. Noticeably annoyed, he lit up his tyres and teared down the back straight.


It means the second placed drifter won’t partake in the top-24 battles on Saturday. His early exit was made even worse by the fact series leader Liam Burke qualified third.


Anderson took an early lead with an 81-point run, which no one bettered. He excelled with plenty of angle to take 32-points out of a total 35 on offer, with scores of 26 and 23 in line and style respectively.


“It’s good to get pole, especially on this track,” Andersen said.


“This is my local track for me. It feels good, I honestly didn’t think I had got it. I just want to get through tomorrow and do well.”


Callum Neeson impressed with a 77.5-point run and only narrowly missed out on taking the top spot.


James Steele took the reigns of the ex-Chad McKenzie Nissan Silvia S14.5. Following a workshop fire that destroyed his race car, Steele managed to find a new car for his racing return. A 63-point run got him to 17th.


Tully Puckey had been impressive in practice but made a mistake on his first run and straight lined—eventually he got to ninth.


In only the second round with his new Nissan Silvia S13, Scott Dinsdale put his car into contention with a 73-point run. He improved on his initial marker, a 65-point run, with a high angle score.


Championship leader Liam Burke improved one place into the top three with a 76-point run just six points better than his first. Despite not the best qualifier for the weekend, Cole’s demise put Burke into prime position to extend his series lead.


A season best qualifying run by Ben White saw the series newcomer qualify fifth on a 70.5-point run.


Following one of the scariest crashes in recent D1NZ history, Callum Neeson got his car repaired and running for the penultimate round. The crash clearly hadn’t shaken the young gun as he lay down a 77.5-point run to go second on the ladder.


The fourth round of the Link ECU D1NZ National Drifting Championship takes place at Manfeild Circuit Chris Amon over April 20–20. For more information visit or Tickets are available via

D1NZ Pro-Sport Series, qualifying results top 10:  

1. Jared Andersen – 81.0

2. Callum Neeson – 77.5

3. Liam Burke – 76.0

4. Scott Dinsdale – 73.0

5. Michael Thorley – 72.0

6. Ben White – 70.5

7. Kyle Jackways – 70.0

8. Taylor James – 69.0

9. Tully Puckey – 69.0

10. Ra Heyder – 69.0